LOONA’s Yves Gushes About How TWICE’s Nayeon Became Her Bias

Many fans can relate to that moment.

LOONA‘s Yves hasn’t been shy about her love for TWICE‘s Nayeon, crowning the senior idol as her bias.

TWICE’s Nayeon | JYP Entertainment

Thanks to one of the group’s recent fan signings and a curious fan, Yves revealed the story of how Nayeon caught her attention.

LOONA’s Yves | @loonatheworld/Instagram

As soon as the Orbit asked Yves how Nayeon became her favorite member, she remembered the exact moment from over five years ago. Yves admitted she was a longtime fan, “When she debuted in TWICE, I saw her debut stage.” There was something specific she noticed.

As soon as Yves saw Nayeon dance the choreography of their debut title track “Like OOH-AAH”, she was completely amazed by her. Right then and there, Yves named Nayeon her favorite.

When Nayeon sunbae-nim (senior) danced ‘Like OOH-AAH’, [I thought] ‘Whoa, she’s my bias! I choose…I choose [her]!’

— Yves

Yves also became a successful fangirl, recently meeting Nayeon during promotions for her solo debut “POP!”.

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Listen to Yves reveal the relatable moment she knew Nayeon would be her bias.