LOONA’s Yves And Yeojin Both Sustained Major Injuries At Their Concert

It was a very unfortunate accident.

At LOONA’s “LOONAVERSE” concert yesterday, members Yves and Yeojin both sustained injuries. During the group’s performance of their song “favOriTe”, Yeojin accidentally stood on Yves because the lighting was so dark which ended up injuring both of the girls.

Yeojin suffered a sprained ankle while Yves suffered some sort of fracture within her nose. Neither could continue to dance but they still sang a handful of songs live without dancing including both their solos, “Kiss Later” and “new”.

The members are very regretful for what happened even though it’s nobody’s fault. They wanted to show Orbits everything they had but two of their members ended up getting hurt along the way. Olivia Hye and Go Won were particularly emotional as they explained the situation to fans. We hope that Yeojin and Yves recover quickly and are healthy again soon.