LOONA’s Chuu Addresses Fans’ Concerns That She May Have An Eating Disorder

Chuu reassured her fans and their concerns for her health.

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This article includes descriptions of dieting, body image issues, or eating disorders that may trigger some readers.

LOONA‘s Chuu reassured fans and their concerns for the idol after her latest appearance on a variety show program where she confessed she didn’t have the healthiest relationship with food.

Chuu | @chuuo3o/Instagram

On October 6, the idol posted on her Instagram, stating that she didn’t have an eating disorder.

Chuu reassured her fans |

Chuu doesn’t have an eating disorder or anorexia. Although in the past I relieved stress by eating spicy foods due to not being able to go out and a busy schedule, now I enjoy sports, hobbies, and talking with close friends. So please don’t be concerned and misunderstand. Rather I would be thankful if you encouraged me.

— Chuu

Fans’ concerns for Chuu stem from the trailer for her episode on Channel A‘s Oh’s Golden Clinic. In the episode, the idol confessed her unhealthy relationship with food and admitted she was once hospitalized due to overeating.

I eat until I can’t breathe anymore. When I am stressed out, I do this. I eat until I throw up. I’ve been to the emergency room because my body stiffed up.

— Chuu

In the teaser, the idol can be seen becoming emotional after hearing Dr. Oh Eun Young’s concern that she subconsciously might be overeating to deliberately hurt herself. Dr. Oh Eun Young also suggested the root of the idol’s insecurities and fears.

I think you have a fear that all will be lost if you let down your mask.

— Dr. Oh Eun Young

Many of her fans thanked her for coming onto the show and sharing her struggles. Others thanked her for bringing awareness to eating disorders.

“When I am stressed, I have a similar eating disorder, so I am looking forward to this episode a lot. Thank you, Chuu, for bringing awareness to this issue.”

— Netizen

Source: @chuuo3o/Instagram
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