A LOT of water was used to make GFRIEND’s latest music video

GFRIEND made their comeback with “LOVE WHISPER” and in their music video, GFRIEND can be seen dancing beautifully in a body of water!


The beautiful pond that GFRIEND can be seen dancing in has a secret that was recently unveiled by a staff member at their agency!


Lee Riwon, the contents planning team leader of SOURCEMUSIC revealed that the pond was not naturally formed!

She made an Instagram post saying that the set was made by bringing water to the location to make the set for GFRIEND’s music video.

“The set that was made possible by bringing 15 tons of water. When we initially asked for this request I didn’t think it was possible but it was made into a reality.”

— Lee Riwon

It is such a relief that the idea was made into a reality because it definitely made GFRIEND shine with their “LOVE WHISPER” music video!