Lotte Department Store Gives TWICE Their Own Language

It sounds so cute!

The nine TWICE members starred in a Lotte Department Store commercial and talked about shopping so that they can take advantage of the many benefits they provide.

If you read the subtitles, it all makes sense, but only listening to it can sound a little confusing.

That’s because their entire conversation is spoken in their “nyam language“.

You probably think they just did that to sound cute, but there’s actually a hidden meaning behind it.

Lotte Department Store took the acronym of Lotte Duty Free and expressed it in Korean.

In efforts to target the younger audience, Lotte Department Store started their new campaign.

They chose “nyam” to aid their viral marketing strategy that aims to make the brand memorable and addicting.

In response, fans showed various favorable responses such as:

“I didn’t know there was a meaning behind it. I thought they were just acing cute.”

“Using TWICE as their model was a work of God.”

“I keep copying them without realizing it.”

Check out the adorable commercial below:

Source: Insight