Louis Vuitton And LEGO Send BTS’s Jin A Birthday Gift

It’s not actually for Jin’s birthday though!

BTS‘s Jin recently received a birthday gift, and it’s so cute!

BTS’s Jin

Jin’s latest Instagram update is a photo showing an “unboxed” gift. It actually appears that it’s a box that collapses from the sides to reveal a birthday cake at the center, made from LEGO, while the sides spell out “Jin!”

| @jin/Instagram

Yes, Jin’s birthday was December 4, but it’s not the case that his birthday gift got lost in the mail.

BTS’s Jin celebrating his birthday. | BTS/VLIVE

This is technically a birthday gift given to Jin, but it is not for his birthday. If you look closer, you’ll notice the inside of the box’s lid reads, “Happy birthday, Louis,” and the cake topper is “200.” The French luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton is celebrating its founder’s 200th birthday! Hence, why Jin captioned his post with “happybirthday bro.”

In fact, as the official house ambassadors, the BTS members together decorated one of 200 boxes made in honor of Vuitton’s legacy. Likewise, LEGO made a box as well.

As LEGO is a partner to Louis Vuitton, they must have sent the ambassadors (BTS) some gifts. We wonder if the other members have received some boxes too recently.

You can check out BTS’s box for Louis Vuitton below:

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Source: @jin