“Her Love Was Answered” Han So Hee’s Latest Interaction With Song Hye Kyo Has Fans Swooning

“Oh wow, this cutie really likes Hye Kyo unnie.”

Actress Song Hye Kyo sent a coffee truck to Han So Hee to the delight of fans.

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On May 10, Han So Hee posted a series of photos of the coffee truck sent by Son Hye Kyo and captioned the post, writing, “Unnie, AGH!!!

In the photos, Han So Hee is shown adorably celebrating the fact that Song Hye Kyo had sent her the truck.

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Song Hye Kyo then reacted to Han So Hee’s adorable post in its comment section.

Gather your strength and film well.

— Song Hye Kyo

Netizens reacted to the two superstars’ interaction with overwhelming praise, with one fan reportedly saying, “Han So Hee’s love was answered.” Many fans expressed envy at the two actors’ seemingly loving relationship.

  • “Wow, I have never seen So Hee unnie update her life in real-time.”
  • “Wow, f@ck. I want to get involved and make this a love triangle.”
  • “The way you treat Hye Kyo unnie reminds me of the way I treat you. It makes me feel like we’re in sync.”
  • “Oh wow, this cutie really likes Hye Kyo unnie.”
  • “Get married!!!”
  • “I would bet my life savings on their relationship if it was a stock.”
  • “Unnie, you seriously look happy AF. That’s crazy. Did both of you guys decide what to call one another? You’re so f@cking loveable.”

Meanwhile, fans have recently been treated to courtside seats to the two actors’ budding friendship. Read more about their fun interactions in the link below.

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