“Lovely Horribly” PD Under Fire For Comment About Sewol Ferry Disaster

“What do you know about them you crazy b*tch.”

PD Kang Min Kyung of Lovely Horribly has been under fire for her comment about the Sewol Ferry Disaster.

The producer’s comment about the bereaved families of the Sewol Ferry Disaster became an issue among the staff of the drama.


During the filming of a sad scene in the drama, PD Kang Min Kyung had apparently said to one of the actresses, “Why does your expression look like that of the bereaved families of the Sewol Ferry Disaster?”

Many staff members who heard the comment did not believe it was appropriate and eventually posted the incident on an online petition website. Moreover, the producer’s comment was shared on the staffs’ group chat room and continued to spread.


As word got around, PD Kang Min Kyung eventually took it upon herself to apologize to the staff for her comment.

“It is true that the producer made the comment. However, she realizes her mistake and is reflecting upon herself for it. Therefore, she apologized in front of the entire staff for her comment and the staff members have accepted it. We are currently focusing our efforts on the filming of the drama.”

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Despite her apology, netizens are furious at her casual reference to the sensitive topic.

  • “It’s shocking how such words could come out of her mouth…To see a sad expression and say that it’s the expression of the bereaved families of the Sewol…What is in her head?”
  • “There are so many crazy people in this world…So what kind of expression is that exactly? What do you know about them you crazy b*tch.”
  • “Reflection? This is just her way of thinking so how could reflection make any difference? Is everything supposed to be fine if she just reflects and apologizes? When the producer in charge of a program said such a vulgar comment?”
  • “What does she think of on a daily basis that such comments would just fly out of her mouth?”


Moreover, the incident has left a bad taste in netizens’ mouth about the drama Lovely Horribly in general.

  • “Thanks for letting me know to avoid this drama.”
  • “How stupid do you have to be to make a comparison to the Sewol disaster? All the actors must be working really hard so please don’t ruin the entire drama because of your comment.”
  • “What kind of mentality could she possibly have to add ‘Sewol Ferry’ into a sentence that has nothing to do with the situation???? Does she only think of the Sewol Ferry 24 hours a day? She’s given people a cause to make negative comments on articles about this drama.”
  • “Please pay attention producers…I actually like this drama…What did Park Si Hoo, Song Ji Hyo, Hahm Eun Jung and Lee Gi Kwang ever do to deserve this.”
Source: Sports Chosun and Naver