“My Lovely Liar” Stars Hwang Min Hyun And Kim So Hyun Share A Sweet Kiss In Latest Episode

Got us giggling and kicking our feet. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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My Lovely Liarโ€™s viewers have been on the edge of their seats because of the building chemistry between the lead characters, Mok Sol Hee (portrayed by Kim So Hyun), and Kim Do Ha (portrayed by Hwang Min Hyun). In the most recent episode, viewers rejoice as we finally see a kiss between our leads.

Official teaser poster for “My Lovely Liar”

The drama details the adventures of Mok Sol Hee, a young woman born with the ability to detect lies from the truth, and has used such to garner clients asking for assistance in their own cases. She runs into a mysterious composer and producer by the name of Kim Do Ha, and finds herself tied up in a suspected murder case.

Screencap from episode 3 of “My Lovely Liar”

Throughout the series, we slowly uncover the truth behind Do Ha’s suspected crime, which was that he murdered his ex-girlfriend despite her body never being found. Episode 9 reveals the toxic nature of the relationship with the victim, Choi Eom Ji (portrayed by Song Ji Hyun). After formerly believing Do Ha’s innocence to be a lie, Sol Hee realizes that he never killed Eom Ji. He simply blamed himself for indirectly causing the incident.

Sol Hee and Do Ha spend the night together, sharing a late-night meal and watching soccer together, where they share many heart-fluttering moments, and longing glances that almost lead to the perfect first kiss.

Screencap from episode 9 of “My Lovely Liar”

Soon after, the pair go on a camping trip together. Do Ha asks Sol Hee about her thoughts on the concept of promises.

Screencaps from episode 9 of “My Lovely Liar” | tvN

She answers that it’s not good to make promises blindly and to get a clear answer instead.

Sol Hee: If you truly mean it the moment you say it, it sounds true to me.

Do Ha: “I’ll love you forever”? Then, stuff like that sounds true too.

Sol Hee: But those things don’t mean much as there are so many variables. I tell my clients not to blindly believe promises or pledges, and to get a clear answer.

Do Ha: A clear answer? Like what?

Sol Hee: For example… “The person I love the most now is you.”

Then, the moment we’ve all been waiting for comes in a big way.

Sol Hee even gives Do Ha another adorable kiss later in the episode as they part ways.

Without a doubt, viewers of the show have shown their excitement of this new development. Suspenseful, dramatic, yet also light-hearted and sweet, the chemistry between our leads ooze both on-screen and off-screen!



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