Lovelyz Mijoo Reveals She Pigged Out On This Fruit To Lose Weight

Lovelyz‘s Mijoo revealed that she ate tangerines during her dance practice sessions, a food from the same citrus family that AOA‘s Yuna likes to put in her diet tea.

On February 27, Lovelyz held a showcase in the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall in Yongsan, Seoul in celebration of the release of their second official album R U Ready? and host a press conference.

During the press conference, Mijoo was told she looked slimmer and was asked if she had been dieting. Mijoo explained that she didn’t choose to go on a diet, but the dance practices alone were a diet in themselves.

She also explained that she changed one thing about what she snacked on, and that this may have helped in keeping her slim:

“Before, I’d eat a lot of biscuits and snacks during practice. This time, I decided to eat tangerines instead of snacks. I ended up eating a box of tangerines every time and with the strenuous chores practices, I ended up losing weight.”

– Mijoo of Lovelyz

AOA’s Yuna also revealed that she would drink tea made with orange peels and that the combination of this tea with pilates has helped her tone up her body.

According to these two idols, oranges are the new fit.

Source: Dispatch