Lovelyz And AB6IX To Host Offline Fan Meetings — Fans Praise Agencies For The Strict Preventative Measures In Place

“Look at all those precautionary measures…”

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, K-Pop idols have cancelled all offline, face-to-face events — including the most popular, offline fan meetings.

Girl group GFRIEND cancelling their fan meeting in February 2020 due to the rise of COVID-19 cases in Korea. | SBS NEWS

With South Korea’s COVID-19 reopening dropping to Phase 1 though, two idol groups — Lovelyz and AB6IX — have decided to move forward with their offline fan meetings, though in significantly smaller sizes!

Lovelyz after their first in-person fan meeting post-pandemic. | @Official_LVLZ/Twitter

On November 1, Lovelyz interacted with their fans in person for the first time in months…

Lovelyz’s November 2020 offline fan meeting. | @idolinews/Facebook

… though separated by clear walls. The agency, Woollim Entertainment, strongly emphasized that the event progressed under strict control with all preventative measures in place…

Lovelyz’s November 2020 offline fan meeting. | @Golden_Warmth/Twitter

… like all participating staff and the selected 30 fans being required to get their temperatures checked prior to entering the venue, to stay socially distanced at six feet apart, and to wear facial covers at all times.

Lovelyz’s Sujeong behind a clear wall. | @Golden_Warmth/Twitter

AB6IX and agency BRAND NEW MUSIC also announced a fan meeting to take place November 7.


This fan meeting will follow similar precautionary measures, including allowing only one fan in at a time! BRAND NEW MUSIC claimed, “There will be temperature checks, face cover requirements, and clear walls between members and fans for the protection of everyone.

In the order contacted, attending fans will enter the fan meeting venue one person at a time. There will be no waiting area provided, to follow the COVID-19 guidelines of social distancing. No one will be permitted to enter the venue prior to being contacted. Please remain nearby and available. If a fan is unreachable for any reason at the time contacted, the turn will be forfeited. Each fan will get two minutes to interact with each member during the turn.


While some K-Pop fans remain cautious and worried for the safety of their idols, most are optimistic about offline fan meetings returning! Fans are praising and supporting the agencies’ undivided effort to make possible such events.

  • “To be honest, these fan meetings actually seems a lot safer than going to restaurants, coffee shops, and karaoke.”
  • “Look at all those precautionary measures. That’s pretty safe. I mean, people are going clubbing, watching movies, singing at karaoke, working out at gyms, and doing everything else. Why is it that only idols can’t have their fan meetings?”
  • “Have you seen the streets of Itaewon on Halloween? Have you seen amusement parks? These fan meetings look a thousand times safer. Everyone is going to be socially distanced too… What’s the problem?”
  • “I wish my biases would do this too. I hope these become examples of how to host safe fan meetings so more groups would try!”
  • “Theaters are open for musicals and plays too… And that attracts more people than these small-sized fan meetings. Everyone will be wearing masks and keeping clean. This will be safe!”
  • “You know, I’ve been hesitant to try those video call fan meetings because it’s not really my thing… So hearing that in-person fan meetings are returning makes me happy. I hope my bias group takes after this soon too.”
Source: THEQOO