Lovelyz claims top spot among girl group debuts as having the most fan cafe members

Woollim Entertainment‘s newly debuted girl group, Lovelyz, has already succeeded in surpassing this year’s debuted girl groups in fan cafe members.As of November 16th, Lovelyz stood at 9,764 members while SM Entertainment‘s Red Velvet came in at 8,109 members. Out of all the girl groups that have debuted thus far in 2014 no one comes close to the fan cafe membership of Lovelyz and Red Velvet. However, Red Velvet debuted 3 months before Lovelyz so it is interesting that they have surpassed them.

On top of all that, Lovelyz has not received the greatest publicity since member Jisoo‘s alleged scandal came to surface before their debut. Nonetheless, they still released their pre-debut single “Goodnight, Like Yesterday” and even held their debut showcase.

lovelyz fan cafe      

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Here’s a list of the fan cafe membership of girl groups in 2014(in order of debut):

Lip Service – 470 members

Bebop – 446 members

Melody Day – 591 members

1PS – 900 members

Billion – 305 members

Berry Good – 810 members

BOB GIRLS – 1,295 members

MAMAMOO – 4,821 members

Ye-A – 285 members

4L – 3,071 members

4TEN – 668 members

LABOUM – 2,428 members

Minx -851 members

Switch – 812 members

Purfles – 209 members