Lovelyz Jisoo leaves hospital after successful recovery

It was confirmed that Jisoo of the group Lovelyz has recently left the hospital after recovering from the trauma she experienced from malicious rumors written about her.

Prior to the showcase of Lovelyz’ debut, on November 12th, Jisoo was sent to hospital for psychological shock due to an unidentified rumor spread on the Internet. On November 20th, it was reported that Jisoo has recovered from shock and has left the hospital following her psychological treatment and recovery.

Now the audience  is wondering what her next actions will be. Although she has left the hospital and is resting, it is still uncertain if she will be joining Lovelyz immediately or not.

If the rumors about her are found to be false, there is no reason why she should stop her activities, meaning that she will be able to make a comeback with ease. The police are currently finding out who started this rumor about Jisoo.

Meanwhile, a suspect who seems to be the person behind these rumors wrote online that she is the victim of Jisoo’s harassment and she has claimed to have evidence backing up the rumors.

Source: MSN News