Lovelyz’s Yein Participated In Comeback Showcase In Spite Of Ankle Injury

Lovelyz‘s Yein is more determined than ever to participate in the group’s comeback promotions in spite of her ankle injury.Girl group Lovelyz held their comeback showcase for their second full album ‘R U Ready?’ on February 27. During the showcase, however, Yein was spotted wearing a cast and not participating in the group’s dance performances.

Yein sitting out with her foot in a cast

While it was previously mentioned that Yein had injured her leg during a dance practice, and her participation in this comeback was not certain, she seemed determined to meet her fans by participating in this showcase regardless of her injury.

She even took the time to apologize to fans for not being able to show them a good performance and also to her group members for not being able to dance with them on stage.

“I hurt my ankle during dance practice and ended up needing a cast for it. I’m sorry for not being able to show you a good performance. I’m sorry for not being able to do this together with my unnies.

Because of your support, I am able to focus on the treatment of my ankle. Even though I am unable to dance during the performance, I will remain by your side.”

Lovelyz’s Yein

Lovelyz just released their second full studio album R U Ready? and will be making a comeback on music shows with their title song “WoW!”. You can also check out the performances of their album’s new songs at their new showcase below!

Source: MK News