Lucas Wants All Of WayV To Do This Crazy Thing And Fans Were More Than Willing To Make His Wish Come True

What Lucas wants, Lucas gets.

Recently, WayV sat down for a live broadcast to answer questions from their fans.

The topic then turned to hairstyles.

Since WayV started their activities at the end of 2018, the members have gone through multiple changes in their hairstyles.

Fans are continually wondering what hairstyle their idols will try out next.

Hendery suggested that Lucas would suit having longer hair. But Lucas had other ideas.


Lucas cheekily revealed his request to the laughter of the other WayV members.

His wish was that on their tenth anniversary, the seven WayV members should shave their heads!

Lucas framed his request as a sentimental moment to mark their time together as a group.

The other members were not as keen to lose their hair.

Lucas then suggested that the WayV members should pose for a screenshot. Then the fans can photoshop the members, so they look bald.

Idol fans comprise of some of the world’s best photo editors, so it was time for WayV to put this to good use.

It would look like a perfect prediction of what was to come for WayV if they followed Lucas’s request.

And fans were quick to honor Lucas’s request. Here is what it would look like if Lucas’s wish came true!

The other members were surprised at Lucas’s unexpected request. Hendery even stated that he was scared that Lucas would impatiently shave off his head soon!

Lucas stated that he would bring it up again in the future, so it looks like the other members may need to watch out for themselves.