One Lucky ARMY Held Hands With BTS’s Suga AND Made RM Smile At The “2021 AMAs”

We have discovered the true Y/N!

Do you ever dream of one day going to a BTS concert and finally seeing your bias in person? Maybe you’re lucky enough to be right in front of the stage, close enough to reach out to touch his hand?

Well, some ARMYs can call this dream a reality.

Twitter user @gjk_twt recently went to the 2021 American Music Awards (AMAs) and got to witness history made!

Things only looked up from there as their luck only got luckier! They ended up getting to barricade, which meant the 2021 AMAs literally became a whole BTS concert with the group’s performances.

They said that RM even noticed their photocard of him! How sweet is that?

You want proof? We got proof!

Seriously, look at his smile! He’s shining like the sun during the “Butter” performance.

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Not only did they literally put a smile on RM’s face, but they may have held Suga‘s hand… Okay, Y/N, see you!

Literally, we see you because there’s been a viral video of Suga holding an ARMY’s hand during BTS and Coldplay‘s “My Universe” performance at the 2021 AMAs circulating fan Twitter, and now we know who it is!

Don’t believe @gjk_twt? They got ARMY right behind them when they say so…

Thankfully, this moment was captured on video so that they can always relive this unforgettable moment!

If you’re curious as to what Suga’s hand is really like. Well, @gjk_twt has answers.

After obtaining this information, ARMYs have a lot of thoughts to process.

Do y’all know what this means, though? Honestly, @gjk_twt low-key confirmed all of our theories about Suga in this one tweet.

If @gjk_twt wasn’t rap line biased before, they sure have to be now!

Their friend even revealed that Jungkook may have touched their keychain of his BT21 character COOKY! If we ever plan to bet, we’re calling these ARMYs!

Now, we have just one question remaining… How does it feel to live our dream? 🥺

Check out another lucky ARMY’s story about the event below:

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Source: @gjk_twt

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