This Lucky Fan Randomly Bumped Into Lee Soo Man And He Personally Offered Her The Chance To Meet SuperM

Rather than wishing to bump into your idol, pray that you’ll bump into their boss instead.

One lucky fan had the chance of a lifetime when she ran into Lee Soo Man, the founder of SM Entertainment.

She excitedly revealed how her exciting day went on Weibo. Her post has gained traction, with many fans applauding her for her insane luck.

While shopping in Beverly Hills, the fan recognized someone on the street.

The fan realized that the person was none other than Lee Soo Man.

Lee Soo Man is currently in Los Angeles, in support of SuperM’s debut showcase in Hollywood.

The two engaged in a long conversation, where the fan revealed that she was a huge fan of SM Entertainment idols.

Being impressed with their deep conversation, Lee Soo Man offered her free tickets to see SuperM’s first performance in the VIP standing section.

And her luck didn’t end there! He asked her for her contact details for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Having saved her number, he told the fan that after the concert, he would ask an assistant to call her and bring her backstage to meet SuperM.

No one can probably comprehend her excitement at how this day had unfolded.

The fan thoroughly enjoyed the concert, as did everyone attending! The talent and charisma of the SuperM members astounded even the longest of fans.

The fan even brought along her EXO-L friend who had an EXO-L lightstick, with her bias Xiumin’s name inscribed on it.

Both also waved the SuperM lightsticks that had been specially unveiled at the event.

And Lee Soo Man kept his word because the fan was brought backstage to meet SuperM in person!

And to prove it, she posted the photos she and her friend took with the SuperM members.

While she censored herself out of the group photo, she posted a photo of herself next to Lucas, to provide proof that she did meet them.

The fan’s Weibo post of her day has garnered surprise from netizens for her luck.

Lee Soo Man has generally been a more mysterious figure, especially compared to the CEOs of other entertainment companies.

Yet some fans are praising his act of kindness in giving a fan the chance to meet her favorite idols.

Others have joked that now fans should aspire to meet their idols’ CEO.

So if you ever happen to talk to Lee Soo Man, who knows what could happen?