Luhan Tells Sasaeng Fans To Get Lost With His Latest Song

Former EXO member Luhan has recently released a single in China with lyrics that heavily criticize stalker fans.

On February 28, Chinese portal site, SINA, reported on Luhan’s newest release “Roleplay”, and revealed that he had participated in the composition of the song’s lyrics.

Throughout the song, Luhan sings about his experiences with stalker fans and gives them a strong warning through his tough and assertive lyrics. Some of the lines within the songs include the following:

Your eyes follow me wherever I go so I need to wear a helmet. Don’t touch me”
“You follow me night and day, you’re crazy”
“You trespass into my life without permission”
“Don’t ever come to the basement of my house again, I won’t forgive you if you come into our sight again, there’s no truth in any words that come out of your mouth, I’ll shut your mouth if you do this again
– Luhan in “Roleplay”

Luhan has previously addressed several stalker fans who crossed the line regarding his personal life where he tweeted warnings to them with photos of the cars they were seen riding in.

Listen to Luhan’s new song “Roleplay” here.

Source: TV Report