Luhan to make first solo public appearance at “Miss Granny” press conference

CJ E&M Entertainment recently confirmed to media that Luhan would be making his first solo public appearance at the Miss Granny press conference.

Luhan will be attending the Miss Granny press conference along with Director Chen Zheng Dao and fellow stars Gui Ya Lei, Yang Zi Shan, and more.

While the star has been spotted through a good friend’s Weibo, the upcoming press conference will be his first public appearance since news of his lawsuit with SM Entertainment. In this film remake of the Korean movie, Luhan is set to play a fresh youngster who is passionate about music.

In related news, Chinese fans have been requesting for Luhan to become a member of Hunan Broadcasting System‘s Divas Hit the Road. Soon to begin its second season, the show will feature five female stars with four male stars as they travel around together, rain or shine. It is speculated that with the continuous requests, the chances that he will be asked to appear on the show are high.

The filming of the movie was already completed during the summer and will hit the theaters in 2015. The press conference is set to be held on November 2nd.

Source: vdfly and ldnews