[★TRENDING] Luhan reportedly earned $498,000 USD as a member of EXO

Recently, we reported that Luhan had filed for contract termination with his agency, SM Entertainment. More details of the situation has surfaced as the lawsuit moves forward in this groundbreaking trend of SM artists with contract disputes. 

According to legal circles, on October 15th, the Seoul Central District Court received Luhan’s filing for contract termination from SM Entertainment as Civil Case 46. After Luhan’s filings to the court were delivered to SM Entertainment, there were several written correspondences between the two parties. The initial pleading date for this case will be arranged very soon. However, there is still an opportunity for a settlement to be reached before this.

Luhan’s representing attorney will be the same attorney who handled Kris’ case in May. According to Luhan’s representation, “SM Entertainment has discriminated against Chinese members in EXO-M’s unit compared to those Korean members in EXO-K’s unit. Since EXO’s debut, SM Entertainment has provided EXO-K members with more chances for active promotion while EXO-M could not receive financial support during their inactivity.”

Alleged stories regarding income distribution have surfaced as well. Luhan has reportedly earned 530,000,000 KRW (approximately $498,000 USD) for his promotional activities since October 2013 and, according to Luhan’s side, the compensation is far too little relative to the extent of their busy schedules and popularity.

Reportedly SM Entertainment’s unreasonably tight schedules and excessive interference into members’ private lives have aggravated Luhan’s health conditions. Luhan stated, “Fatigue has persisted with irregular meal times and lack of sleep. The resultant stress brought out insomnia, difficulty breathing, and chest pain.”

SM Entertainment stated, “After gaining popularity through SM Entertainment and using the same law firm as in the previous case to file a lawsuit against SM Entertainment with no obvious reason can only be seen as an act to gain further individual profit and interest. EXO’s future promotion and activity will not be interrupted through this case.”

Source: Star News