Luhan responds to SM Entertainment’s latest legal actions

Former EXO-M’s Luhan has released a response in regards to SM Entertainment’s latest legal actions, in which the agency has pursued to halt his current Chinese activities.

On February 5th, Sohu released an exclusive interview with Luhan’s legal representative, in which they revealed they had not receive any kind of formal statement from the Korean agency and stated, “SM Entertainment pressed legal charges and issued a statement, but we only found out through reports. Both sides showed willingness to negotiate during the proceedings in Korean court, but the sudden development of this event surprised us.”

“We don’t know the full details with regards to the statement that entered into Shanghai court, but if it has anything to do with the exclusive contract, the jurisdiction is in Korea not Shanghai. The court case we began in Korea is also about the nullification of said contract. We will be issuing an official statement and try to find out more about SM’s statment as well.”

Luhan and his lawyers are also set to meet SM Entertainment on February 6th at Seoul’s courts to commence their third mediation appointment, after having failed to reach an agreement in their second mediation last month. To this, the entertainer’s representatives said, “We are trying to negotiate terms to come to an agreement with SM. We will keep trying to come to an agreement with SM.”

But when TV Report approached an one of Luhan’s officials, they had replied, “We are not doing interviews with regards to Luhan at the moment, I don’t know about any interview with a Chinese media.”

Kris’ representatives have yet to release a statement to the recent actions of SM Entertainment.