Luhan Signs An EXO Album For Lucky Fans In China

He still follows EXO members on Instagram.

Fans of third-generation K-Pop groups likely remember EXO‘s debut in 2012. In addition to their power-based concept, EXO’s massive original line-up of twelve members also stood out to fans.

EXO in 2012. | SM Entertainment

In 2014, two group members departed, filing for contract terminations resulting in lawsuits that would continue for years.  Luhan, one of the two, continued his career in China, releasing his first digital album, Reloaded I, in 2015, followed by his first physical album, Reloaded.

Luhan | GUCCI
| Luhan Studio

Since then, the star has soared to popularity, releasing more music, winning multiple awards, and appearing as a judge on the reality program Hot Blood Dance Crew with GOT7‘s Jackson Wang and f(x)‘s Victoria Song.

(left to right) GOT7’s Jackson Wang, Luhan, Willam Chan, and f(x)’s Victoria Song.

He also went public with his relationship with Guan Xiaotong, a Chinese actress and singer.

His public interactions with the current members of EXO have been limited, with him and EXO’s Lay first interacting again in person in 2017. Fans were also touched when Luhan shared a video celebrating his tenth year since debut and included clips from his time in EXO.

As of late, the star has been appearing in GUCCI adverts and filming a new variety program. While filming for the program, some fans were lucky enough to run into Luhan and have him sign an item.

Luhan for GUCCI’s 2023 Spring Collection. | GUCCI

The item turned out to be EXO’s debut album, XOXO. The lucky fan flips through the album before finding a page for him to sign featuring the old EXO emblem on top.

EXO’s debut album, XOXO.
EXO’s XOXO album details. | SM Entertainment

Fans couldn’t hide how emotional this moment made them feel!