Luhan and SM Entertainment fail to reach a resolution in first mediation session

On December 16th, representatives from both Luhan and SM Entertainment met for their first mediation session, but failed to reach any resolution on his contract nullification case.

The Seoul Central District Court ordered these mediation sessions between both’s sides lawyers in November, in hopes that both parties would come to a mutual compromise without taking matters to the court. However, if both sides fail to reach an agreement in two weeks, the case will enter the court sometime in the year of 2015.

Luhan, currently on hiatus from EXO-M, brought up the case of contract nullification after he accused SM Entertainment of discriminating between EXO-K and EXO-M in terms of activities. He commented, “The K team was supported by SM Entertainment and was very active, but in comparison, the M team was not very active and suffered from lack of funding. As a result, we had a very hard time.”

In response, SM Entertainment had compared the suit to member Kris, who also went on hiatus from the group earlier this year saying, “When you come with the same legal team and try to press the same charges upon us in the same method when there is no apparent reason for a lawsuit, it only appears as if the star [he]  is ignoring all understanding with the company and those effected as soon as one gains fame to better ones own profit and fame.”

On December 16th at 2PM KST, the first mediation session lasted about 30 minutes where the two sides simply met and confirmed their stances in the matter. Luhan and SM Entertainment CEO, Kim Yung Min, were not present in this mediation. SM Entertainment simply stated that no resolution has been made yet, while Luhan’s side said that they are adamant on their request for a contract nullification.

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Source: Star News