Luna Responds To Amber’s Instagram Post Criticizing SM Entertainment

After Amber‘s alarming Instagram post yesterday, her fellow f(x) member and loving friend Luna replied with a reassuring comment.

Following Amber’s  Instagram post yesterday that spoke of her feeling neglected and hurt, Luna commented on the post in a show of support for her fellow group member.

“Be strong, Koala. You know that I love you, right? We’re gonna be fine.”

f(x)’s Luna


No statement has been released yet by SM Entertainment regarding Amber’s post, and neither Amber’s Twitter nor Instagram’s have been updated.

While the reason behind Amber’s initial post is still uncertain, many consider it to be about the girls’ company, SM Entertainment, and their lack of activities. Either way, fans can be reassured that whatever Amber is going through, with her supportive members by her side, she isn’t going through it alone!