Luna Comments On The Future Of f(x) For The First Time Since Leaving SM Entertainment

It was the first time she explicitly talked about f(x) after leaving

f(x)’s tenth anniversary has coincided with mixed feelings for many fans as Amber and Luna have announced their departure from SM Entertainment.

Although Victoria has announced her exit from SM Entertainment on Weibo, the company has stated they are still trying to negotiate a contract with her.

Meanwhile, Krystal still has time left in her contract before she makes her decision for renewal.

With three of the four members having declared their withdrawal from the company, some fans have wondered whether this meant disbandment for f(x).

On an Instagram live, several fans asked Luna for her opinion on the group’s future.

Luna’s straightforward answer was that f(x) has not disbanded.

f(x) is always one

Furthermore, Luna revealed that she still considers herself an f(x) member, even if she is no longer with SM Entertainment.

Even though I’m out from the company, it doesn’t mean we’re disbanding

Some have suggested that this is a similar situation to Girls’ Generation, where Tiffany, Seohyun, and Sooyoung are no longer under SM Entertainment, but still consider themselves members.

F(x) has previously stated that for them, f(x) symbolizes the sisterhood they share.

The members have consistently expressed their friendship, with Krystal and Amber even surprising Luna at her first solo concert this year.

Even when she ended her contract with SM Entertainment, Luna still celebrated f(x)’s tenth anniversary with a special cake.

In the meantime, the members are making their own decisions for their solo careers.

Luna is currently acting in the musical Mamma Mia! and has told fans that she plans on focusing on more activities for this year.

She has stated that she plans on releasing her self-composed song “Please Comfort Me” and potentially a new album as well.

Krystal is set to act in her first lead role in Shouts Of A Father. Amber and Victoria are also set to release their solo albums soon.

Fans can be sure to look forward to more musical projects from the f(x) members.