Luna Reveals Beautifully Toned Body, Netizens Attack Her For Dieting When She’s “Feminist”

“Why lose weight when you’re feminist?”

Luna recently shared some photos of her beautifully toned body, a result of what seems like her consistent dieting and effort.


In her most recent post, she posted a video of herself in the mirror wearing a cropped tank top and leggings looking like a queen.


Instead of praising her for her effort and beauty, however, many netizens have been attacking the idol for dieting when she was allegedly “feminist”.

  • “She made it pretty obvious that she was feminist so why is she going on a diet and trying to make herself look more attractive. Can’t understand”
  • “Why are you focusing on your appearance when you’re a feminist…I’m disappointed”
  • “Why lose weight when you’re feminist?”
  • “Isn’t she going to stop trying to look so attractive? I guess she’s a feminist but still wants to dance in front of men and make money”
  • “Yes, I am feminist but I must sell albums and my tickets must sell! That’s why I’m dieting and doing everything I can to look beautiful lol”


Netizens began labeling Luna as “feminist” after she liked certain posts that mentioned the infamous “Gangnam station murder case” and “Hongdae nude model case”.

The “Gangnam station murder case” refers to the incident when a woman in her early 20’s was killed by a man in the restroom of a karaoke room near Gangnam station. The man, who had stabbed the woman to death, stated that he committed the crime because “he had been ignored by women” and admitted that he did not know the woman personally. The case has generally been accepted as a gender crime.

The “Hongdae nude model issue” involved leaked photos of a nude model during a drawing class. The photos of the nude model were posted on an online community by one of the female students, causing the model much distress. The woman was sentenced to 10 months in prison and 40 hours in a sexual violence treatment program.


Luna had apparently liked several posts referring to these two cases that people have deemed were “feminist”.


Meanwhile, other netizens have been complimenting the star and encouraging her to ignore the negative comments and focus on keeping up the good work.

  • “Don’t pay any attention to those losers and their hate comments and be happy! lol”
  • “Luna is amazing, I support you!”
  • “She’s absolutely beautiful”
  • “Wow, pretty!”