LUNAFLY introduces their newest member Yub

LUNAFLY announces Yub as the newest addition to the group, after previously revealing Jin.

With the departure of their member, Teo, LUNAFLY decided to add two more members to their group. On March 18th, they revealed the first member to join their group. As the group’s drummer, Jin was born on September 18th, 1995, making him the youngest member.

On March 19th, the group revealed the last additional member, Yub. Born on February 23th, 1991, Yub is joining as a guitarist. For his welcoming message, Yub wrote, “Hello~ This is Lunafly’s guitarist, Sang Yeob. I’m working hard! Please support me!” 

Attached to the post, Yub included a photo of himself jamming on his guitar in the recording studio. Recently having released a music video for their Spanish track, “A Ti,” the group has been rumored to make their official Korean comeback soon with the four members.