LUNARSOLAR Announces Their Official Fandom Name

It’s super cute, and perfect for them and their fans!

Rookie group LUNARSOLAR just announced their fandom name!

| JPlanet Entertainment

The group uploaded a post to their official Twitter account and attached a YouTube video as well, revealing that the name of their fandom was chosen by their fans’ votes!

And the name of their fandom is: HAEDAL!

While revealing the name, the girls of LUNARSOLAR explain that “HAEDAL” has dual meanings for their fandom! “Haedal” is Korean for sea otter, and the words “hae” and “dal” in Korean also mean sun and moon respectively, fitting the group perfectly!

“HAEDAL” contains two meanings.

First, it means the sun and moon of LUNARSOLAR. Secondly, like sea otters which hold hands tightly to not be swept in water, LUNARSOLAR and fans hold hands tight and we rely on each other.


They left one more cute message for “Haedal”!

Thank you so much again for all your votes. I wish we could make many good memories with “HAEDAL” from now on!


Congratulations to LUNARSOLAR and HAEDAL!

LUNARSOLAR is a rookie group that debuted on September 2, 2020, under JPlanet Entertainment. They debuted with the single album titled SOLAR: Flare and title track “OH YA YA YA”.

Watch the MV for “OH YA YA YA” here!