Lyricist Behind BTS’s “Dream Glow” Praises Jimin For Being 300% Amazing

“That vocal color, that diction, that vocal directing!”

BTS‘s Jin, Jimin, Jungkook and Charli XCX released a brand new BTS WORLD soundtrack, “Dream Glow”, and the lyrics are bomb AF. Bobby Chung, the mastermind behind the lyrics, recently updated ARMYs via his Instagram that his collaboration with BTS has been unreal – and that he has developed a new adoration of Jimin.


Bobby Chung wrote, “Each of the seven members of BTS has his own kind of charm.” He continued to explain that while he was working on this particular track with the members, however, he fell in love with Jimin’s character, talent, and passion.


Bobby Chung praised Jimin’s ability to interpret the lyrics as the lyricist intended and turn them into something 300% more than what was expected. Jimin, according to Bobby Chung, has a vocal color and diction that is unparalleled and simply “beyond imagination”.


Bobby Chung also commented that the part which Jimin sang was created by looking closely into Jimin’s life and his past endeavors. He said, “While I’d never fully understand, I’ve tried to trace after his dream, his despair, and his bigger dreams.” In other words, the lyrics were created by the lyricist’s attempt to capture Jimin in only a few words. And Jimin made sure these lyrics go heard!


Here’s how Jimin’s part sounds:


Bobby Chung ended the caption in complete admiration of the BTS boys. He promised to continue rooting for the members who are in the “untrodden realms” of K-Pop gone global.

Read the full translation below:

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방탄의 일곱 소년들이 저마다 한칼하는 매력이 있지만 이 노래를 작업하던 무렵엔 특히 지민의 캐릭터에 푹 빠져있었다. 그의 꿈, 그의 절망, 그리고 다시 또 보다 큰 꿈의 궤적을 어설프레하게나마 따라가다보니 자연스럽게 나온 구절이 "키우기 쉽단 착한 소년들이 감추곤 했던 까진 무르팍". 나의 작업물은 어디까지나 일종의 제안이고 사용 여부는 프로듀서와 아티스트의 재량이지만, 이 구절만큼은 지민이 내가 생각한 그 느낌으로 불러주길 내심 기대했다. 그리고 오늘 공개된 음원을 듣고 감탄을 금할 수 없었다. 그 음색, 그 발음, 그 보컬 디렉팅. 내가 그렸던 이미지의 200%, 아니 300% 아웃풋을 내주었기 때문에 ㅎㅎ 그러고 생각한 것이, Answer 때도 생각한 것이지만 어떤 구절들은 궁극적으로는 나를 빌려서 방탄이 그들의 얘기를 직접 한 것 같다. 그리고 이런 신기한 경험을 통해 새삼 그들이 얼마나 많은 사람들에게 영감을 주는 아티스트인지 실감하게 된다. 이미 레전드의 반열도 넘어 미답의 영역을 고독하게 걷고 있는 그들의 건승을 기원할 뿐이다. #DreamGlow #BTS

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Each of the seven members of BTS has his own kind of charm. But right around the time I was working on this song with them, I was especially enchanted by Jimin. While I’d never fully understand, I’ve tried to trace after his dream, his despair, and his bigger dreams. And that naturally led me to write the lyrics, “They called us nice boys who grew up easy, but we used to hide our scraped knees.” I want to point out that my words are merely a suggestion. How the producers and artists make use of them is completely up to their talents and skills. But this part, I sort of hoped that Jimin would be able to pull off the way I imagined it would sound. And when the song was released today, I heard how it turned out and couldn’t help but stand in simple awe. That vocal color, that diction, that vocal directing…  Jimin put out 200%, 300% of what I had imagined. That made me think, and I thought of this when I worked on “Answer” too, that sometimes it is ultimately BTS who tell their own stories through me. It is an absolutely thrilling experience. It reminds me how much of an influence and inspiration BTS members actually are to the world. They’re beyond legends. They’re solitary in the untrodden realms by themselves, and I can only root for their victory. #DreamGlow #BTS

— Bobby Chung


And you can listen to “Dream Glow” here:


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