Lyricist Seo Ji Eum Writes A Lot Of K-Pop Love Songs, And She Shared Where She Gets 90% Of Her Inspiration From

She revealed her main source of inspiration, and it may surprise you!

Seo Ji Eum, a famous lyricist who’s written songs such as Red Velvet‘s “One Of These Nights”…

Girls’ Generation-TTS‘s “Twinkle”…

…and Oh My Girl‘s “Remember Me”, revealed where she gets her inspiration for the countless love songs she’s written in her career!

Seo Ji Eum recently appeared as a guest on Oh My Girl Hyojung and Binnie‘s show, Hyojung And Binnie’s Sweet Home, and talked about the songs she’s been credited as a songwriter on!

Many of Seo Ji Eum’s lyrics are about love, and she recently shared where she gets her inspiration from…her imagination! She revealed that most people often think she’s speaking from experience, but she prefers using her imagination to write about purer, happier love!

So I often write lyrics about love. So people usually think I’ve been in many relationships, dates, or they think I’m currently in a relationship. But 98% of my lyrics come from my imagination. Love in real life is…it’s not all pretty.

—Seo Ji Eum

While noting that her lyrics always feel pure and hopeful, Hyojung then wished for Seo Ji Eum to find her love soon, but she hilariously wrapped up with the words,

Then my lyrics may change!

—Seo Ji Eum

You can watch the whole thing here!