[★TRENDING] Lyrics for Z.Tao’s “T.A.O” hint his true feelings towards EXO and SM Entertainment?

Following the release of Z.Tao‘s first solo mini-album, many have begun analyzing the lyrics to his title track “T.A.O” with surprising results.

Upon the release of his album, Z.Tao had given his thanks to fans on his Weibo, posting, “‘T.A.O’ is back to tell about our ‘Yesterday’ and to share ‘One Heart’ with everyone. The things I want to say are all recorded in the lyrics, I hope everyone likes it.” (Read his full post here).

In his title track “T.A.O,” part of the lyrics read (at approximately 0:35 – 1:01 in the video below), “I believe in my persistence, I believe in my choice, it has come to the time to leave, I understand what is freedom, as I leave by myself, I understand the reason why, I’m back.”

Additionally it says (1:41 – 2:11), “The lost time is a part of an irreversible life. I’m not willing to remember part of that memory. One love, where are you? I tried to find it, but I couldn’t find it. Can I trust it? Where is it? Where is it? Let’s forget the past.”