M.I.B’s Kangnam and veteran trot singer Tae Jin Ah to collaborate for new track

Legendary trot singer Tae Jin Ah and M.I.B’s Kangnam will collaborate in order to liven up the common economy!

The two artists first announced their surprise collaboration on MBC’s Gayo Daejejeon at the end of 2014. Although there have been many collaboration between artists, a collaboration between artists from two very different generations is rare and therefore the expectations for this duet are high.

According to the agency on March 16th, “The title song ‘Traditional Markets’ was chosen because it represented the ‘two generations duet’ well.

Jin Ah also commented, “After recording ‘I Live By Myself’ at Kangnam’s home, the song’s preparation came into my head this year. KBS 1TV’s 6 o’clock, My Hometown and other informational programs were also inspirations. There are lots of references about public affairs in the song, but it doesn’t show the reality enough. That is why we decided to name the song ‘Traditional Markets.’ I think that through the song, the common economy will be activated and the public will be able to laugh a lot.”

The song has been reviewed by many traditional markets throughout South Korea – the Sinpo International Market, Moran Market, Yongmun Market, Namwon Market, Yangdong Market, and more. It has been noted that the track is a fun dance song infusing rock with trot and traditional melodies. They also gave a memorable chant, “Go! Go traditional markets! Go Kangnam, Tae Jin Ah, go economy boost!

As the recording of the song has been completed, the duet hopes to proactively boost the common economy and will be visiting traditional markets all over South Korea.

Additionally, Kangnam will be heading to Japan with KCON next month as an ambassador, while Jin Ah plans to produce his own idol groups.

Source: kstyle