M Countdown Gives Award To Wrong Group On Live TV

NU’EST wasn’t actually supposed to win.

On the May 16, 2019 show of M Countdown, where K-Pop groups perform and compete for the Weekly #1 spot, NU’EST were awarded the trophy and given time for their encore stage.


Unfortunately, hours after the show aired, M Countdown tweeted an announcement revealing that NU’EST had been awarded by mistake and the win actually belongs to OH MY GIRL.


The tweet is titled “<Notice> – Apology for An Error in Identifying the #1 Winner -“. The producers then go on to explain that the rankings were mixed up because of an error in inputting the social media scores.

Hello, this is M Countdown’s producers. On the live broadcast of the May 16, 2019 show, we aired the wrong rankings due to an error in calculating the charts.

— M Countdown Twitter


The episode in question aired NU’EST having a social media score of 396, while OH MY GIRL received 1,500. However, in the tweet, M Countdown producers have fixed OH MY GIRL’s final social media score to be 2,000. This 500 difference in OH MY GIRL’s score bumped the group’s final score from 7,617, which is below NU’EST’s 7,668, to a 8,117 – hence changing the rankings to make OH MY GIRL the actual #1 winner for the week.

In the process of manually entering the social media scores for the chart calculation, the person in charge made a mistake. We reviewed the error and re-calculated the charts. This is the correct version of the ranking for the third week of May. The winner for the May 16, 2019 show (Episode 619) is OH MY GIRL.

— M Countdown Twitter


The tweet ends with an apology to the viewers, fans, voters, and the involved groups. The producers promise to never let such an error happen again, but NU’EST’s and OH MY GIRL’s fans remain completely outraged by this “mistake” and the tweet apology.

M Countdown viewers, fans, and voters, we apologize. We also extend our apologies to the two groups NU’EST and OH MY GIRL who were the finalists for this week. We will be more vigilant in calculating the charts so we never have this issue again in the future.

— M Countdown Twitter