“M! Countdown” Changes Chart Scoring System To Become More Global, Also Introduces New “Global MC Crew”

“M! Countdown” changed their chart scoring system to incorporate the votes of international K-Pop fans, as well as new charts and MCs never seen before!

M! Countdown will be changing their chart scoring system in tandem with its plans for globalization. The new system will be incorporating the global popularity of K-Pop by adding the global fan votes as well as social media scores.

They’re aiming to create a K-Pop chart show that fans from around the world can relate to. They’ll be taking into consideration the votes of international K-Pop fans who access K-Pop through social media.

A new corner called “Song of the Day” has also been created to focus on the trends of the domestic fans. The chart will be comprised of 30% digital streaming, 30% social media engagement (view counts and likes on Korean Facebook), 20% karaoke hits, 15% trends, and 5% mobile ringtone downloads.

Mnet‘s digital channel M2 will reveal the new weekly music chart on their “M2 Today’s Music” page. Unlike other music broadcast charts, the “Song of the Day Weekly Chart” will choose music that is most loved by domestic fans. The week’s winner will appear on a special corner of M! Countdown.

Mnet hopes to create a new system that will provide more opportunities for songs and artists who were unable to make rank high on their charts before.

Moreover, the MCs will now be made up of popular idol members who speak foreign languages. The MCs will rotate weekly, introducing the M! Countdown charts in various languages and lead special corners of the show while actively communicating with international K-Pop fans.

It has been revealed that Wanna One’s Lee Daehwi will be participating as one of the global MCs on the next episode of M! Countdown.

The producers of M! Countdown stated that they will continue to challenge themselves for the development of the K-Pop industry and do their best to become the world’s no.1 K-Pop chart show.

“With the new chart system that considers the various preferences of music fans from around the world and the introduction of the ‘Today’s Song Weekly Chart’, we hope that we will be able to make a positive change in the K-Pop market. We will continue to make new attempts to become the ‘world’s no. 1 K-Pop chart show’.”

ㅡ M! Countdown Producers


Source: Sports Donga and Twitter