Ma Dong Seok Reportedly Announced His Plans To Marry His Girlfriend Next Year, His Agency Responds

His agency had a different story.

Famous actor Ma Dong Seok was recently reported to have announced his plans to marry his girlfriend sometime next year. Athlete-turned-actress Ye Jung Hwa and he have been dating for 3 years as they’ve confirmed their relationship back in November 2011.

During his visit to the 2019 Cannes Film Festival, he reportedly revealed during a luncheon that he was planning on marrying Ye Jung Hwa next year as this year was too jam-packed with schedules.

I’m planning on marrying next year. We wanted to get married this year but we can’t because of my schedules.

— Ma Dong Seok

However, his agency halted any signs of wedding bells as they clarified that he does not have any plans for marriage so far. They claim he was simply talking candidly with the reporter during luncheon and the reporter took it too seriously.

There are no wedding plans confirmed for Ma Dong Seok and Ye Jung Hwa. They are currently doing well in their relationship but they have not decided on getting married yet.

If they do decide to, we will let everyone know through a press release.

— Big Punch ENT

Source: Spotv