Mad Clown, Skull, and Giriboy compliment Zico’s latest single

Zico’s new single Well Done was revealed on February 13th and it is receiving the high compliments from the rapper’s fellow artists.

On February 13th, Block B’s lead rapper Zico released his latest solo work Well Done and shortly after, it took first place on various music charts including Melon, Genie, and Olleh Music.

The Top100 charts included not only this latest single but also his previous solo track “Tough Cookie,” Yook Ji Dam’s Up All Night,” and Block B’s HER that were produced by the rapper himself. With this mark, it seems that Zico is making his presence clear as a skilled rapper and a competent producer to the fans.

In response to the success of his latest single featuring Ja Mezz, many of his fellow musician friends have relayedd their praises. Rapper Mad Clown shared, “Zico grew not with practice but with experience”, complimenting the witty lyrics, continuing, “This awesome song even wakes me up totally!”. Designer Ko Tae YongSkull, and Giriboy also complimented Zico. The designer said, through his SNS, “I am listening to Well Done while working with the models in New York.”

Meanwhile, Zico talked about his musical predicament and new ideal type of a women through a Melon TV Hashtag special video.

Source: AsiaToday