Mad Clown’s “Fire” takes over Soribada’s charts

Charismatic rapper Mad Clown, who previously received much attention for his collaborations with SISTAR’s Hyorin and Soyou, has released another collaboration! This time, he partners up with Jinsil and EXID’s Hani whose group obtained their first music show wins after a fan cam of her performance of “Up and Down” went viral.

Online music portal Soribada reported that Mad Clown’s “Fire” featuring Jinsil and Hani was ranked number one for the week January 12th to 19th after it was released on January 3rd.

Soribada stated, “Although the lyrics to Mad Clown’s ‘Fire’ are a bit rough and aggressive, it has appealed to the sympathy of many and led to massive success. We expect the music coming from this artist to continue to score in the future.

As the title track on his 3rd EP Piece of Mine, “Fire” expresses the complex feelings between men and women who are interested in each other. The music video for “Fire,” which achieved an all-kill upon released on January 8th, has also garnered much attention for it’s hot concept and the interactions between the two artists.

Mad Clown and Hani snapped a picture backstage, showing their closeness following their collaboration. In addition, Mad Clown recently partnered up with Yoo Seung Woo for an acoustic version of “Fire” and was featured in 1theK’s popular segment #Hashtag. 

Source: SportsWorld