Solo Artist MADDOX Addresses Being Mobbed At The Airport With ATEEZ

Fans praised his caring response to a serious situation.

ATEEZ arrived at Incheon airport on September 15 to board their flight for Indonesia.

ATEEZ at Incheon Airport

The group is set to perform at KPOP LAND 2022, a festival in Jakarta that includes performances from fellow K-Pop artists VICTON, KARD, Weeekly, MONSTA X‘s Kihyun, and special guest MADDOX.

MADDOX is a multi-talented singer, composer, and producer under KQ Entertainment. He is known to be close friends with ATEEZ’s leader Hongjoong. He has been credited for lyrics, arrangement, and production of songs from ATEEZ’s mini-albums Zero: Fever Part. 3, Zero: Fever Epilogue, and The World EP.1: Movement.

Maddox | @xxmaddox/Instagram

When labelmates MADDOX and ATEEZ arrived in Indonesia, they were met with a chaotic scene as crowds quickly mobbed them. When the group started walking through the airport, they were surrounded by security while fans stood behind a barrier. The crowd soon swarmed in on the group and walked too close to the members and their security, causing them to get bumped as they walked.

Photos from the airport showed people standing extremely close to the artists with phones inches from the idols’ faces at times.

Crowds mobbing ATEEZ and Maddox at the airport | @woosanhwatiny/Twitter

After checking into his hotel room, MADDOX went live on Instagram to address the situation and share his perspective about what happened.

During his live broadcast, MADDOX shared how loud it was in the crowd and played videos from the airport that he had saved on his computer, showing the chaotic scene from his point of view. Before diving into his experience, he thoughtfully expressed his concern for the safety of fans.

To be honest, it was a bit dangerous… you guys could have [fallen].


He then kindly empathized with fans, sharing that if he had seen his idol, he would also have an excited reaction.

He again pointed out that he was concerned for the safety of fans, sharing that he feared someone could fall and get hurt in crowds like that.

He ended by expressing his gratitude for the love and support shown by fans, saying, “I do appreciate it; I know everyone does.

Fans praised MADDOX’s thoughtful and kind message to fans, along with his concern for their safety, while pointing out that although MADDOX was extremely kind in his Instagram Live address, he was sending a clear message.

With MADDOX publicly addressing the dangerous situation, ATINYs are hoping that fans around the world are considerate of ATEEZ and MADDOX’s safety and personal space in future trips to the airport.