“Made in Abyss” Fans Criticize K-Pop Fans’ Outrage Towards Idols For Watching The Anime

They shared a different viewpoint about the situation.

Due to anime’s worldwide popularity, viewers often call out the industry’s problematic themes. As a result, a few K-Pop idols such as TXT‘s Soobin and NCT‘s Taeyong have recently come under fire for watching Made in Abyss in particular and even cosplaying as the characters.

NCT’s Taeyong

Made in Abyss has sparked outrage among K-Pop fans for its sexualization of children and graphically violent scenes involving them. As the topic took over search trends, fans of the anime voiced their own opinions about the issue.

“Made in Abyss” main characters. | Kinema Citrus

In response to a clip of SEVENTEEN‘s Woozi mentioning the anime, fans of the series expressed disbelief that the idol caught heat just for watching Made in Abyss.

It further shocked fans because the anime has won multiple awards—including Anime of the Year—and was chosen by Forbes magazine as one of the best anime of the decade.

A tribute to humanity’s thirst for adventure, [Made in Abyss] is all about exploring a mysterious and seemingly bottomless abyss… A captivating take of adventure that delivers one emotional gut punch after another.

— Forbes writer Lauren Orsini

| Kinema Citrus

While K-Pop fans called out the problematic themes in Made in Abyss that portrayed children in a questionable light, viewers of the anime offered a different perspective. They explained that the anime’s focus was the children’s adventures in an abyss.

Some K-Pop fans also seemed to share the same sentiment, sharing that it was an extremely dark fantasy that didn’t have the questionable themes other K-Pop fans have recently spoken up about.

Meanwhile, other anime fans have voiced how hypocritical the backlash seems because TXT collaborated with someone who worked on the anime Attack on Titan, which also had problematic events.

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The issue continues to divide fans and viewers.

Source: Forbes