Madonna Features Steve Aoki x BTS’s “Waste It On Me” In Tribute For Michael Jackson

It was the perfect post.

Legendary diva, Madonna, recently uploaded a special tribute towards Michael Jackson on her Instagram page. To make it even more special, she used Steve Aoki and BTS‘s ‘Waste It On Me’ as her background music!


In the post, she recalled back to the time she attended the Oscars with Michael Jackson as her date back in 1991.


She particularly focused on the part where Michael Jackson smiles beautifully as he expressed his joy at the events that occurred that night.

“I loved it.”

— Michael Jackson


She called Michael Jackson one of the “amazing humans that came into [her] life.


The post came together perfectly when she used Steve Aoki and BTS’s latest hit. The lyrics perfectly summarized about the loss Madonna felt when Michael Jackson passed away.

“Baby, I’m no stranger/To heartbreak and the pain, of/Always being let go”

— ‘Waste It On Me’ Lyrics


What a perfect way to reminisce about a legendary moment with a legendary song!