Main Producer Of Running Man Reveals His Thoughts On The Show’s Continuation

Jung Chul Min, the main producer of “Running Man” reveals his honest about the show’s uncancellation.

In a phone call with Korean media Sports Donga, the current main producer of “Running Man,” Jung Chul Min, expressed his happiness over the news of Running Man’s uncancellation.

“I just heard the news confirming the show’s uncancellation. I think the meeting was conducted without anyone’s knowledge due to concern over security. The thought of uncancellation has been around for a while now but I think everything went well in the discussion with the members.”

-Running Man PD Jung Chul Min

When asked why he thought the uncancellation has officially been decided, he answered:

“I think the original creator’s persuasion moved the members to accept. I am happy with the positive result, I would like to thank both the director and the members. We are planning to renew filming in 2 weeks I think I am going to have to see the members before that and have a little celebration.”

-Running Man PD Jung Chul Min

Check out the full story behind the decision to continue Running Man below:

Source: Sports Donga