Major BTS Voting Accounts Have Reportedly Been Suspended On Twitter

Fans fear that these suspensions could affect the end results.

Several large BTS fanbases have reportedly been suspended, and now ARMYs are demanding an explanation from Twitter.


On Twitter, entertainment companies use hashtags to gather fan votes for publically voted awards. Currently, MTV is asking fans to vote for “Hottest Summer Superstar” using the hashtag #MTVhottest.


In order to stay organized and optimize their reach, K-Pop fandoms often create Twitter fanbases that are dedicated to voting. These accounts tweet out a high volume of these hashtags and keep fans updated on their progress.


Currently, ARMY is leading the votes for “Hottest Summer Superstar” with over 15 million votes. Lady Gaga is in second place, followed by BLACKPINK.


Recently, ARMY’s largest voting account, BTS Voting Team lost all three of their accounts, totaling 657,000 followers, to suspensions.


As a result, votes made from these accounts have reportedly disappeared.


Other ARMY voting teams have been suspended as well, but fans have yet to learn the reason why. Since these accounts claim to have followed Twitter’s community guidelines, some fans feel that they are being targetted.


The suspension of voting accounts could potentially affect the outcome of “Hottest Summer Superstar”, and other events that use the same voting method. BTS Voting Team has filed an appeal and is currently waiting for a response.