Here’s What Makes aespa’s “Savage” So Catchy, According To Crayon Pop’s Way

This is why the song is so unique, and a total ear-worm!

Aespa recently released their latest comeback song “Savage”, and they immediately swept charts with their song and first mini-album of the same name!

aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

When their MV was released, Crayon Pop‘s Way reacted to it, and was full of praise about the costumes, set design, and talent of the members!

When she came to Giselle‘s rap in the second verse, Way commented on how, just like their senior group f(x) and Red Velvet, aespa also has an addictive way of “talk-rapping” in their songs.

Like f(x), they are singing like they are talking. Red Velvet also did that a lot… It’s something SM does a lot. They rap like they’re talking and throw the words.


She further talked about how this style of singing is extremely memorable, makes the song unique, and is an instant earworm!

If they do this, the song is not boring and I can’t help but keep thinking about it.


aespa’s “savage is addictive for sure! Watch Way talk about it here:

And you can check out the MV for “Savage” here!