Makeup artist PONY to get married after 10 years of dating

PONY, a popular Instagram and Youtube makeup artist, married boyfriend after ten years of dating.

Marriage is in the air, and fan favorite makeup artist PONY is the next on the list of people to get married this year.

Recently, PONY took to her Instagram to announce to her 3.2 million followers that the reason she has not been posting as regularly is because she is marrying her boyfriend of the last ten years!

“Hi, it’s Pony.
I have exciting news for everyone!

In May, on a beautiful spring day,
I will be getting married to someone I shared the last ten years of my life with.

For the past year I haven’t been the best at uploading videos because I’ve been preparing for this special moment in my life. I’ll be back in full blast in June!

Thank you for your unconditional support.
Please continue to give us your blessings and love.”


With her statement, PONY included photos of her in her wedding gown looking radiant and happy as the sun shines behind her.

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While her account was started in 2008, not much is known about PONY. According to Be Asia, one of the few facts known about PONY is that she and her boyfriend’s couple ring was the One Ring from Lord of the Rings.Fans speculated that the two met while studying in school ten years ago and have been together since, making the two high school sweethearts.

While this remains unconfirmed, fans have come to suspect that Instagram user @Vivus_Vici, who posts photos of PONY regularly, is actually her boyfriend’s account and have been leaving their congratulations for the couple there as well as PONY’s post.

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Source: Pann-Choa and Be Asia

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