What This Makeup Goddess Can Do To A Man’s Face…Is Pretty Insane

It’s like plastic surgery… but without the surgery!

Make-up artist Risabae can create miracles with her cosmetic brushes and beauty sponges, so that’s exactly what she did at her visit to the radio station for her appearance on the show 2PM Date.


Risabae accepted the challenge when the radio show host Ji Suk Jin asked for a complete makeover that will make him look as handsome as an animation character.


With Risabae’s magical touch, and the help of cosmetic products, Ji Suk Jin was born again as a blue-eyed prince charming type “Man-Jjit-Nam (만찢남, good-looking male character straight out of a cartoon)”.


Ji Suk Jin was able to obtain big, beautiful eyes and a tall, sharp nose within minutes without a single plastic surgery!


Ji Suk Jin looked thoroughly pleased with his new look.


On his Instagram, Ji Suk Jin updated pictures of the makeover and shared his satisfaction with the transformation by challenging actors Jung Woo Sung, Kang Dong Won, and even Wanna One‘s Kang Daniel to a battle of handsomeness.

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“The size of my eyes is finally proportional with my nose! #ComeAtMeJungWooSung #IChallengeYouWithMyFaceKangDongWon #BowDownKangDaniel” — Ji Suk Jin


Both Ji Suk Jin and Risabae made it on to the Top 10 Most Searched Keywords while the radio show as live. Ji Suk Jin was at #1 because people wanted to see what Risabae had done to him.

Fans had a blast watching Ji Suk Jin turn creepy-handsome with Risabae’s amazing make-up skill put to use!


Also interested in turning into a cartoon character? Watch Risabae’s tutorial on how you can also transform yourself here:

Source: Dispatch