Malaysian Actress Janna Nick Apologizes To BLACKPINK’s Lisa And Fans About An Insulting Tribute

Fans want YG Entertainment to take action.

Malaysian singer-actress Janna Nick, known for her roles in My Coffee Prince, Marry Me Senorita, and Kau Aku Kita, is under fire for insulting Lisa from BLACKPINK.

Her new movie Delen, which she directed, features a character named “Lisa Blackpig,” obviously referencing Lisa from BLACKPINK. Rookie actress Annie Mosha played the role that Janna described as an “attention-seeker” character.

(This account has since been deactivated.)

She also posted a question on Instagram (which has since been deleted) promoting her new movie Delen. The question asked: “What team are you on?

Malaysian actor Nazim Othman commented on the post about her character “Lisa Blackpig.” In which she replied, “oink oink” while laughing.

Malaysian fans jumped in to help explain to others the seriousness of her “pig” comments.

An Instagram story from 2018 also resurfaced, adding fuel to the fire. In it, Janna was in a hair salon, bleaching her hair blonde. Malaysian actress Sharifah Sakinah thought it looked like Jonghyun from SHINee‘s hair and asked: “That’s the dead one, right?” The two then burst into laughter.

Fans are asking that her social media be deleted and reported as well as everyone stop supporting her dramas and songs.

| Janna Nick/YouTube

Janna recently apologized during a virtual press conference.

I take full responsibility for this and sincerely apologize to all who were hurt by the caption that was uploaded.

—Janna Nick

Her lawyer, Ben Syazmin, was also there and provided an explanation of the issue and actions that would be taken. He stated, “Lisa Blackpig does not represent Lisa from Blackpink in any way. It is a tribute to Lisa from Blackpink as the movie character could never be at the same level as her.

My client will proceed with legal action against individuals who have made a video viral alleging that she had made fun of the death of a K-Pop idol in 2017. Prior to this, Janna had already provided an explanation and apologized on the matter, however it went viral again on social media which resulted in my client receiving a barrage of insults. Because of this unfortunate incident, Janna has been on the receiving end of death threats, criminal intimidation, lies, and false accusations that require serious action for her safety.

—Ben Syazmin

| @jannanick/Instagram

#Jannanickisgoingtojailparty has trended on Twitter with fans asking Janna Nick to stop and reflect on her actions. They ask K-Pop fans not to view this as Malaysia as a whole and to be kind to fellow Malaysian BLINKs.

Source: Coconuts, New Straits Times, The Straits Times and Janna Nick/YouTube