Malaysian Girl Group Dolla Makes It Clear That They Did Not Copy BLACKPINK

DOLLA member Sabronzo defends her group from negative comments.

Since the debut of the Malaysian group DOLLA, fans were quick to point out their similarities to BLACKPINK

The group DOLLA is an all-girl group with outstanding visuals. DOLLA’s members are Sabronzo, Tabby, Syasya, and Angel.

| DOLLA/Twitter

As DOLLA grows in popularity, so do the negative comments. Fans have commented on how DOLLA’s concept in style, sound, and visuals seem to be very alike to Rosé, Lisa, Jisoo, and Jennie of BLACKPINK.

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One member of the group, Sabronzo, informed Harian Metro that DOLLA is its own group. They have their own image, sound, and style. Sabronzo does share that though they are not plagiarizing BLACKPINK, they are huge fans and look up to them.

I know, there are those who think that Dolla is trying to imitate the BLACKPINK performance style. However, the similarity is coincidental. What we are fighting for is Dolla’s musical identity singing while dancing in groups. What’s more, in Malaysia there are not many female singers. In the past. “Even the most popular are Feminine and Elite. To me, Dolla still has its own identity

— Sabronzo

Sabronzo shares that share that even though there are some negative comments accusing them of copying, the group acknowledges that people are entitled to their own opinion.

| DOLLA/Twitter

She continues to thank those who have supported them and appreciates their work. 

On social media platforms, netizens are used to commenting on whatever they want. To me, positive comments we receive to rectify the shortcomings. However, leave the extreme comments alone. Dolla is comfortable and calm positive because for us, everyone has their own point of view – each. Only, if the written comments are sensitive and the language is abusive, we do not serve

— Sabronzo

Regardless of any negative comments, Dolla growing into a very successful girl group! The group’s music video for their song “Make You Wanna” currently has 2.7 million views. 

It appears that some bad comments are not gonna stop the group from doing what they love. With a positive mindset that strong and confident, DOLLA is sure to continue as a powerful girl group. 

Check out DOLLA’s hit music video below:

Source: hmetro