Malaysian Model Amber Chia Suffers Injuries After Falling Down The Stairs Due To An Unexpected Blackout

She has been giving updates on her condition.

Famous model Amber Chia recently suffered an injury after slipping on the stairs.

Amber Chia | @amberchia/Instagram

The Malaysian supermodel and actress shared a photo on her Instagram account on July 27 of herself lying in a hospital bed with a bandage wrapped around her head. She shared that she had blacked out and was waiting for surgery but is okay.

She gave daily updates on her condition, and on the second day, she shared how she fell down the stairs in front of her manager.

Just a normal night after dinner, making my son to sleep & waking downstairs to get my phone and bag, also sending my friend and manager off at 11+pm. My manager was walking at the back of me & seeing me sudden blackout. Fell forward. But luckily I didn’t hold anything in my hands, and there was no cerebral or internal bleeding, nor any severe injury to any part of my body. There was only a significant external bleeding in the left brain, small injury, and the CT Scan showed no internal bleeding.

— Amber Chia

The model shared that she did not know what caused the sudden blackout and will see a neurologist.

| @amberchia/Instagram

On July 29, Amber Chia posted a video showing her time at the hospital. She shared that she felt much better and was discharged to go home.

Netizens who saw her initial post and updates expressed their concerns and wished for her speedy recovery.

| @amberchia/Instagram

Amber Chia became recognized in 2004 as the first Asian model for Guess Watches. Since then, she has established herself as an actress and founded a modeling school called the Amber Chia Academy.


Source: @amberchia/Instagram and Wikitree