Male Idol Arrested By Police While Driving Illegally

Yoon Hyuk from male duo December was recently charged with a traffic violation for driving without a license.

On February 5, Yoon Hyuk (real name: Lee Yoon Hyuk) was driving in Gangnam, Seoul, when police stopped him for random questioning at approximately 4:30 P.M. with his family members present in the car.

According to the police, Yoon Hyuk was stopped for a random check and there was no specific reason that his vehicle in particular was stopped.

After initial charges of driving without a license, the police discovered that Yoon Hyuk’s driver license was previously revoked for driving under the influence.

According to one media source, when police asked him to present his license, Yoon Hyuk allegedly presented his older brother’s license instead.

Police questioned him for a little over 2 hours, after which he was sent back home. The police later added that they may need to summon him for a second round of questioning.

“Mr. Lee has been booked for a charge of driving without a license, but he may be summoned for further investigation for other incidents that occurred during the random stop.”

– Police Staff

TV Report was able to reach out to Yoon Hyuk and interview him regarding the violation. On February 6, Yoon Hyuk confirmed that he had indeed been charged for driving without a license.

He, however, explained that he had told the police he did not have his license on him at the time of being pulled over, and that he hadn’t presented his older brother’s license, contradictory to previous reports.

“At first I was so scared so I gave the police officer my older brother’s name. But immediately after I told him my real name and confessed that I didn’t have a driver’s license. I never gave him my brother’s license. That never happened.”

–  Yoon Hyuk of DECEMBER

To compensate for his violation, Yoon Hyuk decided that he would not be appearing on television, and instead, will dedicate much of his time on self-discipline and self-reflection.

“I will not be appearing on television for a while; instead, I will take time to reflect and discipline myself. I will focus solely on music. I am deeply sorry to all those who love me and have faith in me. I bow my head in apology to all my fans. I will strive to become the Yoon Hyuk who can compensate for this with my music. I apologize again for causing an inconvenience as a public figure.”

– Yoon Hyuk Of December

Source: Money Today, TV Report