These Male Idol Edits, Based On The Promotional Clip For NAVER’s Webnovel “The Men Of Harem”, Are Sweeping Twitter

The resemblance is uncanny.

NAVER‘s popular webnovel The Men of Harem — by the same author Alphatart whose previous work The Remarried Empress is set to get a K-Drama makeover — is about a royal-born woman who rises to take full power over her empire.

“The Men of Harem” cover. | Naver

When urged to seek a worthy spouse, the empress declares she will instead bring in multiple “kept men” — exactly as her former emperors had countless mistresses. Thanks to this intriguing setting of an alpha female with her “boy toys”, The Men of Harem immediately found itself a tremendous reader base, now boasting a star rating of 9.9/10.

The empress in “The Men of Harem”. | Naver

For further promotion, NAVER released a short but chilling clip of actress Seo Ye Ji and actor Ju Ji Hoon, each reading and acting out a scene from the webnovel. The clip went viral, gaining over two million views, with readers screaming for a K-Drama adaptation with the two stars.

Seo Ye Ji: You are right. An empire’s strength comes from a solid line up of heirs to take after it. So I understand the urge for me to seek a worthy spouse. Therefore, I have decided… to bring in kept men first. How does… five of them sound, for starters?

Ju Ji Hoon: Sure, I’ll be a kept man. Unlike the empress, I will have no official duties. I am aware that my only role would be to provide entertainment and bring happiness to the empress. Well then. Let me do my thing and… entertain her highness.

As soon as the initial clip took off, NAVER pumped out some more individual versions — all of which additionally piled up millions of views. In his version, Ju Ji Hoon became one with his character of a bold and daring kept man.

You know what her highness did as soon as she took the throne? “I have decided to bring in kept men.” But she hasn’t laid a single finger on any of us. Everyone is losing their minds. All the finest young men from the empire, running mad with jealousy and playing dirty tricks for the attention… Such a grand sight. What could it be… the empress actually wants?

— Ju Ji Hoon

K-Pop fans, whipped by this dark, sexy, and ambitious character, then began to create original edits — featuring their favorite male idols!

Character “Lanamoon” portrayed by actor Ju Ji Hoon. | Naver

Using their biases’ previous photoshoots and music video snippets, talented fans have produced rather convincing recreations! Some of the most trending edits include BTS‘s Jin

What could it be the empress actually wants? The Men of Harem

— Twitter @paca_aa

… BTS’s V

The Men of Harem, Taehyung version.

— Twitter @callv1230


The Men of Harem… #SEVENTEEN #Mingyu

— Twitter @No1_mingyu

… and NU’EST‘s Hwang Minhyun!

The Men of Harem, version 2… #HwangMinhyun

— Twitter @hmhiscat

As “하렘의남자들” (The Men of Harem) continues to trend on Twitter, more fan edits are pouring out — and we must say, every single one is on point and 200% swoon-worthy. Will you be able to pick one? Let us know who’s your favorite!

Source: THEQOO, Namu Wiki and @loveaffection_V